There are many ways to take part. You can start by taking a moment, asking God what that might look like for you.

Main goal, the symbolic and prophetic statement is going to happen in Berlin 3rd of October 2020 on German Unity day. In that gathering every nation is represented bringing themselves, their prayer greeting, their blessing to the place where the division of Europe started and where it now may, by God’s grace be united again. Praying for Life, Humility and Eternity.

You could participate by being the representative of your country. You can also participate by being in contact with the people that are praying in your city or country, who have a heart for nations and Europe. You can ask if God wants you and your group to come along. You can contact the coordinator of your area to ask how you can participate in your area.

In Crown of Glory Europe is divided into six areas. In those areas we have Intercession&Info events. North, West and South events were at 2019, but this Spring we have Intercession&Info events at:


Tirana, Albania 22.2. Saturday 16-20 International Protestant Assembly Tirana (Asambleja Nderkombetare) Mustafa Matohiti 19, Tirane, Albania


Kiev, Ukraine – Saturday 25th of April, more info to follow


Berlin, Germany – Saturday 20th of June, more info to follow

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